GPS Tracker OT-12

Model OT-12
Type GPS tracker cellular

Fitur :
  • SMS/GPRS Communication
  • Wide Power range: 9-36V DC/1.5A
  • I/O Ports: Ignition, Immobilizer, Panic, Door Status detection
  • Low Power consumption with Open CPU technology
  • Internal memory store for GPRS null zone data 2000waypoints
  • Time based/Distance based position report
  • Mileage Report
  • Alarm alerts: GEO Fence, Speed over, Power tamper and Panic
  • Voice Listen-in
  • Backup Internal battery included
  • OTA

Description :
OT-12 is a GSM/GPS tracker for car tracking application.
It's with superior GPS receiver sensitivity, fast TTFF and Quad bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz) design. And it can continuously report current position to backend server.

OT-12 is developed by "openCPU" technology which brought lower cost, lower power consumption and fast response speed advantage

  •   Car
  •   Truck
Technical Specifications:
GSM / GPRS features :
.  FIBOCOM G510 (Quad-bands)
.  GPRS class 10
.  SMS (text, data)
.  Voice 1 way calling
GPS features :
.  Skylab GPS Receiver
.  -160dB Sensitivity

Hardware features :
.  OpenCPU Technology
.  2000Waypoints for GPRS Null zone data storage
.  External GSM/GPS Antenna
.  Internal backup battery with 350mAH
.  USB Port for configuration and firmware program

Dimension : P 7,1 x L 4,4 x T 1,8 Cm
Case : Aluminium zink plate

engine stop, sadap suara, sensor connect

Analisa Kebutuhan :
Mobil, Truk & Alat berat

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